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David Yeager

Welcome to my profile, I'm David Yeager, President / Founder of PromotIS LC Springfield MO 65802417-350-1473

David Yeager:

My Dream and Passion:  My Company, PromotIS LC

PromotIS LC is Composed of several ideas or smaller companies within one umbrella.

First there is the Restaurant Marketing side at  First because it my personal specialty and passion but it is also a niche and a smaller part of our business.  The fastest growing and most comprehensive portion is the general SMB Local Marketing service.  What makus us unique is that we offer the only sliding scale between a DIY service and full service marketing.  You can even start off at one point and slide the scale once you realize that you are in over your head or going to miss a deadline.  (The sooner we know the less it us and you.)  This product is still in beta but the project is at our Local Marketing Membership and DIY Social Marketing Tools.

We also offer specialized custom QR Marketing Services and several mobile website design choices like our mobile landing page and lead capture (demo site), mobile apps and general web design services.

David Yeager is a technology junkie, very dedicated to learning and advancing the fields of mobile and social marketing.  He is a published author of two books, Idle Hands are Corporates Playground, why SMB's need to get out front with proven technologies and the Exhastive Resource of Every Little Thing You Need to Know to Sucessfully Market Your Business in Today's World.  In addition he has written, produced, directed and published the 6 DVD Set SEO, the "Need to Know" for 2013 release date:  1/15/13.  

David Yeager is an avid researcher and dedicated to providing solid tools for business owners.

David Yeager's Background

David Yeager's Experience

Media Consultant at Yellowbook

October 2009 - March 2012 | Springfield MO

During my time with Yellowbook I learned more than I ever would have imagined about personnel management and the value of solid visible leadership and that leaders communication with those who are working toward company goals. I also was able to meet with hundreds of small business people and started to refine my vision of what a marketing company could provide to SMB's. During the past year many clients have contacted me and I want to explain the fact that I have not returned the calls. I believe that you are as good as your word and not any measure more. When I took the position with Yellowbook I agreed that in the event of separation I would not be in any contact with the relationships I formed due to the companies connections for a period of one year. Since I started a marketing company of my own, I felt it best to operate above reproach and no contact at all. One year will be up 3-28-2013 and my commitment fulfilled, until that date I must keep my word as I expect others to honor the agreements they make with me. Thank You.

Owner at PromotIS LC

November 2012

PromotIS is a Pre-Angel Seed startup focusing on delivering multiple micro niche technology solutions mainly within the marketing field. We also provide broad usage solutions that lower costs and increase public awareness for any company. Our feature solution is a marketing and business automation dashboard that operates on a total sliding scale allowing the business owner to have everything they need to market their business but never pay for anything they don't. By utilizing services like VOIP Call Tracking, iOS - Android - HTML5 Mobile Apps, Mobile Food Ordering Systems, eCommerce, mCommerce, Mobile Websites, Websites, Shopping Carts, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Custom QR Code Design, Social Media Marketing (SMM) Software, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Management (SEM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), full marketing metrics and transparency, advanced communications cloud solutions, content for social and web, web apps and custom desktop solutions, an international pool of ready labor, Domain Registration, Hosting, CDN, advanced IT solutions and much more in one place we simplify the life of the business owner and allow tight business controls across many aspects of your business. Also each function is provided in a similar GUI so it is quick to learn and at a click of a button you can switch from a DIY project to a done for you solution.

David Yeager's Education

Missouri Southern State University

1995 – 1998


David Yeager's Interests & Activities

David Yeager is dedicated to Marketing, Online Development, Web Design, Mobile App Design, User Experience, User Testing, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Local Business, Restaurant, Bar, Spa, Food & Beverage specialist

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